The Fluency Network

The Fluency Network are English tutors, culture advisors and fun community activities in one!

We are based in the quaint North American town of Corning NY, USA. You can relax and let our fun and experienced English and culture tutors help you with all of your needs. Enjoy all that the area has to offer and get valuable information on schools, shopping, entertainment, all while improving your English language skills.



"The experience of spending time with people from other countries is so rewarding, energizing, fun and full of learning. The relationship becomes mutual rather quickly and together we share cultural practices and traditions as well as language, concerns and needs. It is satisfying to both when I can offer resources for an expressed need, to together enjoy a cup of coffee at Wegman's or even accompany one to the DMV and later find a park to walk the dogs. Most satisfying to me as a "companion on the journey" is the one to one relationship and ultimately the contribution to another's adjustment to new surroundings as they become members of the community.”

Alice E. McLaughlin (USA)


"It was so convenient! The teachers came to my home. We studied mostly during my daughter's nap time. The common phrases, pronunciation and slang I learned were so valuable to reach my goal. With their help I passed my oral bedside clinical exams. It was fun to learn in a relaxed manner, we laughed a lot."

Julia (Myanmar)


"I was new comer in the USA and all I could say " hello" , "how are you", " thank you". That is all. Getting a job in the USA was just a dream. After my daughter got older and became a kindergardener, I decided to look for someone to teach me the basic English grammar and especially daily conversations I may need during shopping, hospital, bank, doctor, restaurant, dentist, traffic police, and wherever I need. My husband noticed an advertisement and supported me to start lessons provided by Carol and Alice. This time was one of the turning points in my  life to get my dream comes true. At the end of the second year, I was able to communicate verbally and written. Because, Carol and Alice were not only my English teachers; we became friend as well.  They supported me to integrate with the society; they responded to my questions immediately face to face, by email or on phone. They arranged lots of trips and gatherings just to provide us with practicing opportunities. They encouraged me to find a job to keep practicing English and make money. I found a job and I am still working. Now I am much more confident; I can work and survive in the USA.  I do not know how to thank Carol and Alice. You are my teachers and my friends forever."

Sevgi Karacay (Turkey)

"We would like to thank you for the fine job you did for us in Corning, NY, during the two years we spent in this place. We learned not just communicating in English, as well as personal values that you demonstrated over that time. I hope that our friendship remain forever.

Valéria and Nilson (Brasil)


"I have always wanted to do this. They encouraged me to go for my special goal. This goal in English as my third language was not easy. We worked together during my free time. My free time is limited as a mother of three, but Fluency Network worked around my schedule. I am so happy now, it took some time but I did it!"

Amna Gafsi (Tunisia)


"When my sister Coco and I arrived here, my tutor from Fluency Network showed us all the best places to shop and we went to parks and restaurants. I am so thankful. My tutor also encouraged me to take the GED. I passed all parts except for the writing. I needed extra help on that. I couldn't go to a formal class because it was too difficult with my daughter and living here and abroad. Evenings we met in Walkers, Panera or Wegmans and she helped me study. We also practiced writing by email when I was not in the US. I got my GED!! US high school diploma. I am so proud.                                                                    

Heidi Wei (Taiwan)